Soulful Sunday

SOULFUL SUNDAY: a series of monthly workshops with clear intentions providing the interactive platform and space to reflect, heal, grow and THRIVE.

On the first Sunday of each month, Soulful Sunday is held at Wanderess Collections in Downtown Woodstock at 5:30pm. 

The purpose of Soulful Sunday is to create space where you honor your strength, courage, beauty, and growth. It’s in spaces like these where you are reminded you are not alone, where you find breath & movement. Its where you create from intention, acknowledge the possibility & discover purpose. It’s where you feel supported, where you find friendships, outlets, likeness, joy, laughter, & love.


This movement was co-created by Wanderess Collections and Centered Soul Space. Together, they are connecting ambitious women!

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November's Intention: Self Love

December's Intention: Desire Mapping

January's Intention: Ditch the fear and TRUST